1- Issue #0, Mage The Hero Denied Review and Podcast Introduction

A “quick” recap of Mage The Hero Discovered, and The Hero Defined, followed by a review of issue 0 of the Hero Denied.

In this episode:

0:00 What I Liked Most…

0:30 Introduction – What You Can Expect

1:40 Spoiler Warning – Entire Series To Date

2:40 Recap Intro

3:38 Mage The Hero Discovered Recap

7:30 First Interlude Recap

11:36 Mage 2 – The Hero Defined Delayed / Second Interlude Recap

12:40 Mage 2 – The Hero Defined Recap

17:47 Mage 3 The Hero Denied Issue 0 Recap (Third Interlude)

30:01 Why Is This Called The Hero Denied?

32:24 Lettering and Artwork In The Third Interlude

37:34 Wrap Up

CORRECTION: In this episode I mention that the Mage Series has no third person narrator, nor any thought bubbles for character’s internal dialogue. Ooops! In Mage, The Hero Discovered, Kevin Matchstick does have the occasional thought bubble. The last one appears to be in Issue 3. Want to see EPIC thoughts? Check out the “As Mentioned In Episode 1” post where you will find images about topics discussed in this episode.

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5 Replies to “1- Issue #0, Mage The Hero Denied Review and Podcast Introduction”

    1. Great question! I think they were red in the First Interlude only. In Second Interlude, Kev is wearing hiking boots…and shorts. Hope he had a strong SPF sunscreen on – the dessert is a great place to get a burn… 🙂

      1. I think you’re right. It’s been so long since I read that interlude I’d completely forgotten about it.

        BTW, I’m the guy with the bat. Rushing to finish the second version of it before Wednedsay.

  1. I liked your observations about the coloring and fonts. I tend to get caught up in the story and read quickly to get to the next page. I should go back and savour the issues more often.

    1. Thanks Steve. I tend to be the same way – I am a plot and dialogue guy, I have always had to work at taking in the artwork – this podcast gives me a reason to really force myself to slow down and spend time on the art, lettering, etc. Even in Hero Denied, Matt was doing funky stuff with words as art/action elements.

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