[Review] Mage: The Hero Denied #1 Review

Excellent review from  Greg McElhatton at CBR. I really enjoy his commentary about Kevin Matchstick’s personal relationships, the role of family, and striving for happiness as subjects in Mage: the Hero Denied.

What’s of particular note is how well the coloring works with Wagner’s art. They’re by Matt Wagner’s son Brennan Wagner, but Brennan definitely earned this job by his skills. The colors often look painted onto the pages themselves, in bright, radiant hues as appropriate and bringing an autumnal park to life. He’s also good at using a limited palette when the occasion calls for itself. The reds and blacks of the Gracklethorns’ base are simply gorgeous, drawing the eye in and accentuating everything from the confident stance of the Umbra-Mother, to the devilish glow of the sky behind them.