Dad Comics and Matt Wagner’s Mage: The Hero Denied #1 ~ Panel Patter

Another excellent review of Issue 1 of Mage, the Hero Denied by Scott Cederlund – he really captures the journey of some Mage fans (myself included) who can ‘trace [their] life along the run of these 30 or so issues’ of Mage.

But Matchstick doesn’t flinch from these fights. Stepping into the mystic realm to battle, Matchstick recognizes his foes for what they are; a mere diversion. “Your master must be kinda desperate. Sending the likes of you against me,” he chides them. This fight isn’t so much the war but a skirmish or maybe even an opening salvo. It’s an indication to Matchstick that the safety and peace that he thought he had isn’t quite as secure as he hoped.


Funny how once again in Mage: The Hero Denied 1 that fiction seems to be an eerie mirror of reality.