[Review] Fandom Post – Mage: The Hero Denied #0 Review

Chris Beveridge with a nice review that covers issue 0 of Mage, the Hero Denied. I especially like how he mentions that, with all the time that has passed since Hero Defined – it’s like he’s going in as a ‘new’ reader.

There’s been a good gap between the last full work and this one and I’ll readily admit that I remember almost nothing about it at this point in time outside of just some positive memories as I love Wagner’s style of art in this form. So, getting into this third and final arc of the character, I’m pretty much going in as a new reader. …I’m kind of interested in just going through it as a “new” reader to a larger degree and then re-reading it in full afterward to see how well it all ties together through all these years. With this issue, we get a fun little jumping on point that gives me what I want. Great artwork, some fun action, a look at our lead in his current form, and hints of what’s to come.