6 – Issue #3 Review and Recap – Mage: The Hero Denied

In this recap and review of Issue 3 of Mage, The Hero Denied we discuss mystical battles, movie genres echoed in this issue, witches magic, the inspiration for the Gracklethorn design, the Incantations letter column, and much more. Visit the official podcast site at http://www.magetheherodescribed.com

In this episode:

0:00 Introduction and Spoiler Warning

0:58 Corrections and Miscellaneous Insights: The Mage Interlude Fountain Located!, Story Arcs, the REAL name of Excalibur?, and more…

11:16 Issue Review Begins – Fomorians, Post-Battle Bonding

17:45 Villainous Hijinx at the Sacred Heart; Spice Gracs and Summonings

27:04 Tough Family Decisions; a ‘Patteren’; Witches’ Magic

29:40 Kevin Matchstick – Road Warrior

31:40 The Umbra Sprite Reacts

32:35 Should Kevin Have Gone On The Road or Stayed Home?

33:34 Is the Umbra Sprite uniquely Kevin Matchstick’s villain?

35:14 Letter Column Call Outs

38:23 Comments and Feedback

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