[Review] Black Gate– Mage: The Hero Denied #4

If you’ve read Chris Beveridge‘s review of issue 4 of the Hero Denied you’ll see that he makes mention of complaints about the series. Here’s one of them – made all the more notable by the fact that Michael Penkas at Black Gate is a true blue Mage fan. That said – being a fan doesn’t mean you have to love every decision made in a comic.

A short, straightforward review worth reading, even if I disagree with his assessment.

Yea – I’m probably gonna be talking about this on the podcast.

Honestly, after five issues in (I’m counting issue 0), I get why some people might start pulling out of this series. Comics are expensive, we’re in almost twenty dollars deep here, and we really haven’t gotten that much of a story yet. Yeah, Matt Wagner’s art is always crisp and vibrant, no matter what he’s drawing. … it feels weird that we’ve got an antagonist who’s still making the same mistakes after all these years, partially invalidating the value of his supposed lessons in previous books.