[Review] PopCultHQ – Mage: The Hero Denied #4

This spoiler-free review from PopCultHQ is really well rounded – covering the story, action, art, coloring and lettering in the issue. Which makes it all the more curious when the reviewer refers to Kevin Matchstick as “everyone’s favorite street-wise mage.”

Matt has landed Kevin smack dab in the middle of a real situation. … Brennan’s color choices for this issue are of a different variety. It’s safe to say that the colors for issue four aren’t just a design choice, but also can be seen as a reflection of the story. … Issue 4 is completely loaded with artistic goodies. Action-crammed panels and splashes, tension is literally high within the pages. … Dave [Lanphear] put heart into this book. … Menace and villainy ooze from the letters and word balloons on each page and Kevin’s raw emotion is clear throughout thanks to Dave.