8 – Mage The Hero Denied Issue #5 – New Places, Familiar Faces.

This recap and review of Issue 5 of Mage, The Hero Denied discusses old friends, ATM visits, how creepy is the Umbra Spite?, Heroes and their comic artist counterparts, and a grab-bag of random speculation and musings.

In this episode:
Introduction and Spoiler Warning
On the Nasty Hunt in a Strange Setting
The Return of WHO?!? Oh, wait…
Storytime and family business
Another visit to the ATM
The Umbra Sprite’s beauty nap
‘Sup? Another familiar face
Heroes and Comic Artists
Getting a firm timeline for the story
Important News about a hero
The Questing Beast
Issue 4 Reviews Discussed
Issue 5 Reviews Discussed
Letter Column and the cover of Issue 6

Links mentioned in the podcast:

Cosmic Lion Radio: Matt Wagner Interview 12/8/2014
Under the Influence: The Questing Beast and the doom of King Arthur
The Camelot Project: The Questing Beast